Saturday, July 9, 2011


God allows us to be there
The same womb we share
i came before
and you came after
i am an elder sister
and you are a younger brother
in this world, here we are
playing and quarreling together..

The same blood we share
gives us a strong bond there
though the fights we have everywhere
and anywhere
we still come along together
sooner or later.

I don't know what you would say
maybe you would laugh hardly to say
after reading this half poem and half essay
indeed i do feel weird to say
how i feel using this way.

The news i hear
The cruel people out there
willing to do whatever and whichever
to fulfill their desire
and i do fear
that i might not see you later
that i would regret forever
so i wish to clearly say
"i really love you my little brother"..

I hope for the best
but i do prepare for the worst
i hope you are in healthiest and happiest
the conditions which are the best
but i want to say this at least
as you are among the men i love the most
as i won't know who will go first
and i won't know what will be the worst..

remembering the death is a way
in order to appreciate this life more and more
to fill and use the life with what might help us there
starting from the day we die
till the day we will come back alive and never die
we all believe that death will come for sure
but how much do we prepare
we just might not remember..

wish you all the best my brother,
see you sooner or later,
in this world and in the hereafter,
may Allah bless us all there,
attaining the real success forever^_^

when feelings overwhelming, the ideas keep coming, in quite a poetic and weird way..indeed ^_^

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