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Finally, alhamdulillah, i've found such a nice website..for a free download e-book.. may Allah bless all of them and give barakah on their knowledge..

So, i would like to share the link of this website:

Indeed there are not only a lot of nice books, but there are also nice videos and audios for free.. in english, arabic, and many more..

Let have a look! hehe and read^_^

one of the books im reading now:
very nice and precise^_^


"Wow! What a house!" Ana was surprised to see a big massive house. Almost like a castle. This place was full with beautiful houses.

It was a nice summer day. Ana and her teacher had a stroll around rich people's area.

Her teacher just looked and smiled at her.

Ana said: "Teacher, one day, i will build a house like this, with a swimming pool, and a lot of gardens full with beautiful flowers!"

"Really? Mmm but there must be a lot of mosquitoes too right?" Her teacher asked.

"Oh, please..then, i'll will always spray 'ridsect' hehe" Ana smiled in her imagination.

"Mmm then there'll be air pollution.." her teacher provoked.

"Uhh, then i'll use the non-toxic one!" Ana answered quickly.

"Mmm it is not strong enough, there'll be a lot of mosquitoes, frogs, ants, all around your big house.." the teacher said and smiled.

"Uhh teacher, please don't spoil my imagination. Come on! Don't you want to build a house, a dream house? A beautiful one?!" Ana came out with a question.

"Mmm there's no use if we keep imagine to have such a house in this world Ana.. There'll never be such a complete house..if there a such, will us be happy inside?" Her teacher looked far away, relaxed and kept smiling.

"If you think it is impossible, then it will be impossible.. Think positive! That's what you always teach us.." Ana frowned. What's wrong with her teacher, she wondered.

"It's not about that, honey.. it is the truth of this world.. The truth is, this world is not our homeland happy ever after.. it is not a dream land or a dream world.. This world is only a prison.. This world is a test.. This world is a transit of our lives.. Then, there's no use of such dream.." Her teacher smiled.

"But, sometimes i would like to imagine beautiful things, beautiful houses, i know i may not achieve such a house, but doesn't it nice to have just an imagination? Anyway, it is just an imagination and a dream.." Ana said sadly looking into her teacher's eyes.

"Do you want me to teach you how to imagine, how to dream, to think about beauty and perfection,for example; a beautiful house, a complete one, the best dream ever? And you might achieve this dream?" Her teacher gave a surprise.

"Really? Of course!" Ana looked at her teacher impatiently.

"Imagine..of the house in the paradise of Allah. Imagine and have a dream of such a perfect and beautiful house that Allah promised for a true believer. Imagine and have a dream.. not for this world, but for the next world. Keep imagine.. and this will fire up your belief to achieve and strive in the path of Allah.. Allah has said in the Holy Qur'an about many beautiful things in the paradise right? When we read Qur'an we can imagine such a beautiful place right? Believe me, how perfect & beautiful imagination you have for the paradise, the reality in the paradise is more and more perfect and beautiful.. In contrast with the imagination and dream of this world, how perfect and beautiful the imagination you have for this world, the reality in this world is just nothing.."

Moral of the story: Let us imagine and have a dream of the promises of Allah for the believers and keep striving to achieve Allah's pleasure!

Selamat beramal ^_^

Monday, November 22, 2010 gentle with the fragile vessels ^_^

"Rifqan bil qawarir", what a nice advice!
"Please, be gentle with the fragile vessels", what a gentleman!
This is the advise of the Prophet (peace be upon him), his advice to handle the 'fragile vessels' with care and love..
"Rifqan bil qawarir" = 'be gentle with the fragile vessels'..

A woman..
If i want to give a brief explanation about a woman, or..maybe about me myself so i'll say:
too sensitive, easily hurt with words, too easy to cry, and the tears keep running down as the fragile vessels are broken..

Hearing the beautiful recitation of the Holy Qur'an, the Words of Allah the Almighty..while reading the translation, trying to understand, and as if He is talking to you..and indeed, He is.. I cry, we cry, the melodies of crying..

Yes, the fragile vessels, to take care of the fragile vessels, a correct knowledge must be instilled, not a secular knowledge.. Mmm what is the correct knowledge? It is the knowledge from the Holy Qur'an and the Sunnah of the Prophet.

Well, be gentle to the fragile vessels: to our mothers, to our sisters, to our female friends, to many out there who are the fragile vessels..This is an advice for both male and gentle..^_^