Thursday, July 7, 2011


Alhamdulillah, i've got an idea to talk about death everyday starting with this post. Remembering death gives me a lot of positive attitudes; i become more hardworking, more content, more active..

if today is my last day
i wonder
what have i done today
for my journey to the next world..

Death will come for sure
but sometimes i do not remember
that i might die

So now i realize
everything i do must Ikhlas
for the sake of Allah
something that i must leave
so that i still get the rewards
flowing inside my grave..

The thesis i'm writing
the seminars i'm attending
the lectures i'm giving
the advices i'm telling
must not for the worldly vision & mission
must not for everyone to say
what a great lady she was
i want to give everything
a new meaning
a better meaning
for the benifits of others
after i've passed away..

i have nothing
all are given by HIM
and i'm using them sometimes neglecting
all are tests and exams
to see whether i am thanking HIM
and indeed i have nothing..

I hope for HIS mercy
if i die tonight
may He make everything i left
a source for a flawless rewards..
as i have nothing
all are by His mercy..
May Allah bless all of us ^_^
You and I
will die..

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