Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Who am I

Who am I?
I asked myself
I'm the slave of Allah
The One and Only

Why am I here?
To be His slave
So that i'm free from being
the slave of the creatures
To be His vicegerent
So that i'm always happy to give and serve others

And i will die
one day
for sure
but here i am
still alive
reading the Words of Allah
The Qur'an
Say: He is the Only One
Oh! here i find the miracle
All praises to Allah..
All praises to Allah..

Think about death
Will i still alive after one second?
No guarantee
I seek forgiveness from You O Ya Allah
Forgive my sins
indeed You are The Mostforgiving The Most Merciful

My beloved husband and children
Please pray for me
I do not know who will die first
But let us prepare for our death
As the death is sure

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